01 – Khomas Hochland

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Khomas 6


Classification: A 6 day circular self-guided, self-catering trail

Environmental character: Pristine

Accommodation: Rustic

Facilities and safety: Good

Difficulty Rating: Mostly moderate to very difficult (Day 3; 21 km). Need to scramble in places.

Basic Trail Description:

The KHHT starts at Deusternbrook Guest Farm  and  follows the Otjiseva river upstream, for abot 5 km before turning into and up the Khomas Hoogland mountains, on dry rivers through beautiful kloofs and valleys with lots of shady trees and high rocky waterfalls. Eventually reaching the Otsjiseva overnight camp at Gustav Posten. For the next three days the trail goes past big dams, through narrow high cliff gorges, under big shady trees, over high rocky waterfalls with water pools and drinking places for game and birds to the Onduno and Godeis camps and back to Onduno on a different route. Game is plentiful and herds of oryx, kudu, zebra, troops of baboon and many warthogs. You might even surprise an odd leopard. Small game is all over and birds and hundreds water birds in abundance next to the river.The is trails are a kaleidoscope and almost never ending variety of different organising of natural features of narrow gorges, distant vistas, deep kloofs, rocky cliffs and  mountain slopes are covered  with uncountable and varied flora and big trees.Sun sets are magnificent and the wide clear open starry skies unbelievable.

On the fifth day the trail descends down on a piece of the massive waterfall, with 5 sturdy ladders and eventually to the flatter area of the Aretaragas river and the impressive double 5 star toilets tree house camp with all its dams, on Monte Christo farm.

The final day is a easy stroll back to the start point at Deusternbrook along the Otsjiseva river under massive big shady and row upon row of Ana trees.Some walking is on farm roads.

This trail is exceptional in its variety and a bucket list experience. In fact you have to do it two or three times to get some grip of all its special features.

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