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Classification (Trail type): An open-ended (cul-de-sac) 8 day trekking trail. (Arrange own transport from end back to start)

Cateringportaging and guiding option is available. (See  link to “Reservations” above).

Environmental character: Pristine sections alternated with Rural landscapes.(See link to “Environmental character” above)

Accommodation: Mostly Tea houses as well as homestay, camp and some hotels(See link above for details).

Facilities and safety:  good; take care of draft animals on narrow paths next to precipices; some bridges dilapidated. path signage inadequate for self-guiding. (See link to “facilities and Safety” above).

Difficulty Rating: Sections vary from Moderate to Difficult. (See link for separate days)

Total Length: 8 days; 50 km.

Separate days:

Day 1 – 2 Km ; 2 –  7Km ; 3 – 5.5 Km

4 – 5 Km ; 5 – 6 Km ; 6 – 7 Km

7 – 7.5 Km ; 8 – 8 Km

Path surface: Cleared and paved. Stony in places; much erosion.

Altitude: Varies from 1600 m to 3185m above sea level

Basic Trail Description and special attributes:

The eight-day Annapurna Panoramic Trail runs from Dhampus, via Ghorepani to Birethanti in the Annapurna Conservation Area in Western Nepal. The trekking trail runs through an area with potential to be rated a world-class hiking trail. It is being used very heavily by hikers as well as local people and their draught animals.  This trekking route is one the finest tea house treks in Annapurna region. The introduction of the additional Poon hill circuit unfolds dramatic panoramic profiles of some of the beautiful and highest mountains in the Annapurna range. The trekkers follow well-trodden, albeit heavily eroded, historic routes connecting villages through lust forest and fabulous Himalayan settlements.

This trek route is a naturalists’ paradise crossing amongst others, the world’s largest Rhododendron forest and the world’s deepest Kali Gandaki gorge. The panoramic views of Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m), Annapurna I (8091m), Machhapuchhre (6993m), Manaslu (8157m) and other numerous mountains seen from Poon Hill, are simply majestic.

This trekking route is suitable for the average hikers as well as family holidays with children. The trek can be walked throughout the whole year as this is one of the lower elevation trekking into the foothills of Annapurna reaching at the highest elevation 3100 meters. Walking by many hamlets, Buddhist shrines, and meeting local commuters and traders makes this an exceptionally interesting cultural experience.

The trail ends however in a fairly anti-climax after trekkers have walked through impressive landscapes only to finish the trail along the tedious gravel vehicle road to Birethanti for the last few hours.


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