01 – Inca Trail

The trail was audited some years ago and due to cost involved cannot be updated regularly. Most of the information however stays relevant.  At the time of the audit the trail surface and environment was in a good condition barring the toilet facilities that were poor and the number of hikers allowed exceeded the acceptable quota for a wilderness trail.

It is a magnificent experience to hike this trail due to the landscape (Andes mountains) as well as the cultural heritage (ancient Inca culture).

Trail Description
Environmental Character
Difficulty Rating
Facilities and Safety
Hikers Feedback

Classification: It can be walked as a 2 to 5 day trail the total length being only approximately
30 km

Environmental character: Pristine

Accommodation: Rustic

Facilities and safety: Excellent

Difficulty Rating: Moderate to exceptionally difficult

Basic Trail Description

The Inca Trail is renowned for the fact that it is a trail in the remote high Andes mountains of Peru; linking a number of unique ancient ruins of cities built by the Inca civilization of previous centuries.

The trail can be accessed from various points along the rail road from Cusco to Machu Picchu. It can be walked as a 2 to 5 day trail the total length being only approximately 30 km. It however transverses high mountain passes (up to 4257m.a.s.l.).

The scenery is awesome with high snow capped peaks and deep valleys. The campsites are however crowded and in the wet season muddy. The best period of the year is from March to September as the scenery is often hidden due to rain and dense clouds. Guides, porters and cooks are available

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