Cason’s Gate to Rosemary Plain Trail

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Trail Format: Loop

Special features: Family/dog friendly

Goal/purpose of trail: Scenic

Length: 2 km

Time required: 1 hour

Difficulty rating (exertion): 3/10

Terrain difficulty (technical): Walk and no steep climbs

Path Surface: Smooth / slippery (grassy)

Path type: Two-track path

Way markers: Green/white wooden arrows

Safety: Safe

Amenities: Drinking water

Emergency contact: 25213

Trail authority contact: +290 22158

Guide contact: 24161

A brief description of the character and location of the trail appears in the pamphlet: “Footpaths: St Helena”, issued by the St Helena Tourism.

Basic Trail Description and special attributes:

Park at Casons Gate car park area or Fairyland. This is a gentle walk which takes approximately one hour, through woodland and pasture land.

Enjoy views of High Peak, Broad
Bottom, High Hill and Horse Pasture along the way.

The walk starts at the Cason’s carpark, then progresses straight ahead, opposite the entrance to the carpark.

Follow the grassy path down the
gentle slope until you reach Boysers Gate.

Return on the same route back to the car park area.

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