Lot’s Wife’s Ponds Trail

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Trail Format: Cul-de-sac – Return by same path.

Special features: Swimming pools

Goal/purpose of trail: Scenic; recreation

Length: 4.5 km

Time required: 3.5 hours

Difficulty rating (exertion): 6/10

Elevation: 40m to ridge 210; then down to sea

Terrain difficulty (technical): Scramble

Path Surface: Sandy / rocky /  slippery when wet

Path type: Single file / track

Way markers: Wooden arrows

Safety: Safe but take precautions

Amenities: Swim / Picnic

Emergency contact: 25213

Trail authority contact: +290 22158

Guide contact: 24161

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Basic Trail Description and special attributes:

The Lot’s Wife’s Ponds trail is probably the most popular walk down to the coast on the Island. The path to the Post Box is clear and well used. The views along the way are spectacular, and the Ponds, if you climb down, at the end are large and sheltered from the sea. It follows a good path, for most of the walk which cuts across some steep slopes and a narrow ledge, with an optional short climb at the end. It is a fairly difficult trail with elevation starting from 40 m above sea level at the start and goes up to 250 m midway after running down to sea level at the end. While the Ponds are safe to swim in on most occasions, when the sea is rough they can become turbulent. Standing on the ‘wall’ on the seaward side of the Ponds is never safe, as waves can come from nowhere and sweep powerfully over the edge.

The walk to Lot’s Wife’s Ponds provides the opportunity to see various plants such as the winter flowering annual endemics: tiny French Grass (Euphorbia sanctae-helenae) with its delicate pink stems, the straggly yellow daisy flowered Bone Seed (Osteospermum sanctae-helenae) and the succulent Babies’ Toes (Hydrodea cryptantha). This area of white shell-sand deposits contains various fossilised bird bones and occasionally birds’ eggshells, from long-extinct species

A detailed description of the location of the trail appears in the booklet “A description of the Post Box walks of St Helena”, issued by the St Helena Nature Conservation Group and the government of St Helena.

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