Mckintosh to Spring Cut Trail

Trail Description
Environmental Character
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Safety and Risk management
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Trail Format: Loop

Goal/purpose of trail: Scenic

Length: 1 km

Time required: 40 minutes

Difficulty rating (exertion): 3/10

Terrain difficulty (technical): Walk and no steep climbs

Path Surface: Smooth / solid

Path type: Single-flike path

Way markers: Green/white wooden arrows

Safety: Safe – heed warnings

Emergency contact: 25213

Trail authority contact: +290 22158

Guide contact: 24161

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A brief description of the character and location of the trail appears in the pamphlet: “Footpaths: St Helena”, issued by the St Helena Tourism.

Basic Trail Description and special attributes:

Park near the bay area of the George Arboretum, Blue Hill. The path starts from the Clifford
Arboretum at Cason’s by the signboard. This leads down onto a grassy area, which will take you
through plantation forestry where you can see Cape Yew, Cedar and Maritime Pine.

On route you will come across one of our most invasive species, the whiteweed. Continue walking along the fence boundary. Follow the way markers to a path that descends steeply towards some steps that will lead you to the Spring Gut sign post.

You can either return on the same route or take a longer route along
the main road from Spring Gut to the Scotland Roundabout and onto St Pauls, Via Bates Branch and
back to Cason’s.

Subjective QUALITY GAUGE of the trail. (A value of 5 = excellent / dominant feature, and 1 = neglegible / absent)


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