Sampson’s and Saddle Batteries Trail

Trail Description
Environmental Character
Difficulty Rating
Safety and Risk management
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Trail Format: Circular

Special features: Suberb views

Goal/purpose of trail: Scenic; cultural

Length: 2.5 km

Time required: 1.5hour

Difficulty rating (exertion): 3/10

Terrain difficulty (technical): Walk with steep section

Path Surface: Rocky / slipperyy

Path type: Single fie

Way markers: Green/ white sign boards; cairns

Safety: Safe

Amenities: Picnic

Emergency contact: 25213

Trail authority contact: +290 22158

Guide contact: 24161

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A brief description of the character and location of the trail appears in the pamphlet: “Footpaths: St Helena”, issued by the St Helena Tourism.

Basic Trail Description and special attributes:

Park at Field Road, Ruperts Hill Starting at the top of Rupert’s Hill before the road descends down to
Rupert’s Valley.

On your left is the start of the walk; continue along the ridge of the hill following a visible dirt track leading all the way to each battery site.

Sampson’s battery overlooks Jamestown Valley and requires you to turn off to the left of the track before heading to Saddle Battery.

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