03 – Ngwempisi (overseen by Swaziland Tourism Authority)

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Environmental Character
Difficulty Rating
Facilities and Safety
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Classification: A 2 day linear

Environmental character: Natural

Accommodation: Basic (Self-catering – in poor state of neglect)

Facilities and safety: Inadequate

Difficulty Rating:  moderate

Please take note that this trail is still in the process of being audited. Specific information on the difficulty rating, environmental character and accommodation is not available.

The Ngwempisi trail is accessed by means of a gravel road which gets increasingly poor as one approach the start. The last 500m is currently not navigable by car.

The original trail planning provided for a 3-day trail but currently it is non-functional. The only trail stretch which is operational runs from the school via the amazingly interestingly designed camp at Khopo, down to the Ngwempisi River and on towards the Khelekhele camp.

As the trail does not function further upstream, hikers have to walk back to start on the second day. Hikers are bound to meet local cattle herders and others gathering fire wood, honey and marula.

The scenery is magnificent.

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