Green Flag Trails

WHAT IS A GREEN FLAG TRAIL? It is a trail that is audited biennially and is certified to be under responsible management, implying:
  • It is a safe trail to hike with well-maintained trail markers and a good map. (The safety of a trail is assessed by an auditor in his/her personal, non-professional capacity, for normal environmental conditions and as applicable to seasoned hikers only. Hikes accept the risk associated with hiking on trails and should take normal care as hikers. Hikers themselves remain liable for using the trail and its associated facilities and accept the risk thereto.)
  • It has a trustworthy description of the trail environment (pristine or rural) and a correct list of availability of accommodation facilities (not  their quality/cleanliness); and has an
  • An objective difficulty rating (on a scale of 1 to 10); and
  • A sound environmental maintenance record.
SA Map

SA Map – Accredited Trails. For details see provincial maps.


The system is used by: KZN Wildlife, KLF and MTO (Cape Pine), Cape Nature, SANParks, various Provincila Governments, Johannesburg & Pretoria City Councils, Biospheres, etc.

Internationally trails in Mozambique, Greece, Swaziland, St.Helena, Hungary, Namibia, Nepal, Peru and Greece have received Green Flag Trails status.


  1. The main reason for apprehensiveness of hikers to venture on new trails is the lack of specialized information. If information is such that a hiker can make an informed choice, it will be easy to make the decision to hike. This is especially relevant in the case of increasing hiking in other countries than one’s own.
  2. The honest correct relaying of information concerning trail type, facilities and environmental character makes it safe to hikers to choose the trail of their liking and not be disappointed afterwards.
  3. Green Flag trails all have a scientifically determined difficulty rating that gives hikers the prior assurance that they can choose a trail within their physical capability. This alleviates the expensive operations of emergency evacuation.
  4. Although Green Flag invests time and expertise into the training of auditors and is therefore confident to recommend a list of suitably qualified auditors that can be used by trail owners, Green flag will take no responsibility for the work or actions of the auditors for the following reasons:
    1. Auditors are independent service providers and not employees or agents of Green Flag.
    2. Although there is basic guideline fee structure, fees payable to the auditors must be arranged between the trail owner and the auditor and Green Flag do not become party to that agreement.
    3. Although bad service of an auditor should be reported to Green Flag, Green Flag cannot and does not guarantee the standard of the service that will be received.